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It is often said that there is no age bar to learn. People are encouraged to learn the different types of courses to improve your pot of more knowledge. Even people who feel very high-level positions are always hungry or inclination to take

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What is Distance Learning Education?

Greenberg (1998) defines contemporary distance learning as designed for the teaching / learning experience that uses a wide range of techniques to reach students and trip purpose is to encourage student interaction and certification of learning. Distance education offers new opportunities for education in the field. While modern system of distance education is a step child has revolutionized the educational scenario in India.

Why is Distance Learning Education?

Major reason for adopting distance learning is the inability of people to attend the formal education. The interest to pursue higher education when people are engaged in other areas of life is the major motivation behind Distance Learning. It helps to achieve their goals or dreams of their life.

Advantages of Distance Learning Education

Cost Effectiveness: Cost effectiveness is one of the major attractions of distance learning. Most of the Distance Learning Education Institutes have low course fee structure that enables weaker section of people to pursue higher or continuous education. It also helps them save money on transportation, food and housing

Self paced study:  Distance Learning Institutes provide students with flexibility to complete the study at their own pace. Students may not attend class for long continuous hours. They can pace their study quickly or slowly at their own convenience.

Teamwork: Teamwork is another potential benefit of distance learning. Students have the opportunity to correspond with others from different backgrounds and to hear from a variety of speakers from around the world.

Class at your convenience: In most Distance Learning programs, students can opt for classroom training according to their convenience. This enables students to get engaged in other jobs while continuing their studies.

Live anywhere: Distance learning offers opportunities of higher education to people in remote areas.

Technology used in Distance learning Education

Print technology: Print materials are the primary means of instruction used by Distance Learning Institutes. Text book, study guide and work book are the basic materials provided by the distance learning institutes.

Audio Aids: Audio files and CDs are used to deliver lectures, panel discussions, or instructions for the distant learner.

Video technology: Videotapes and DVDs are popular technologies used in instructional materials. Satellite Videoconferencing is another technology used by distance learning institutes.

Computer technology: This is the most powerful technology used by most distance learning institutes in the modern world. Emails, Online chatting, Web based education, Internet video conferencing are some of the advantages of computer-based learning. 

Disadvantages of Distance learning Education

Feed back: Lack of immediate feed back is one of the major problems of distance learning. In ordinary class room students have easy access to the instructor directly.

Self motivation: Distance learning requires a tremendous amount of self discipline and motivation.

Technological Support: Modern Distance Learning Institutes use advanced technology for education. Access to that technology in remote areas is very difficult.

Communication skills: Communication skills, especially oral communication skills of students, are not developed through Distance Learning method.